Tiggi Bentley -  Enjoyable, motivating, understandable dressage training
2012 Pony Club Open Dressage Championship Winners!!!!!!
Pony Club Camp!Pony Club Campopen dressage team 2011PC camp
RDA Champs 2011CopperOwen and CassMy stick insect phase!2011
Alton Towers - Black Eyed Peas!Netball Match 2012Minty veteran class winner 2011Baby Sunny 2011Really Batman!!!
Netball huddleWinners winter league div 5 2011Baby Sunny 2011Lunging in 2 reins 2011The view from the yard
Copper in the snowDolly the demon!Carol and Apollo at WaterstockBondage Bunny!!Holiday 2010
Owen and CassMinty Novice Champion!
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