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Sunny's day at Addington
Dressage at the Lympics!!


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Sunny's day at Addington

Well another very successful day with Sunny boy at Addington on Sunday. A very busy warm up made for a lively ride but not a wild one like last time out! Competing in two prelims for the first time Sunny was fairly pooped by test number two but the judge liked him (definitely more than she liked me!) and he got two very good percentages of 74 and 75.
Probably time to ride him with a proper schooling whip now, not the dwarf size one made for dressage shetlands that I currently use. It only dawned on me in the second test that it actually did not reach behind the large saddle cloth he was wearing and therefore had very little effect!

Dressage at the Lympics!!

Well how amazing is our GB dressage team doing!!!!
We really are showing the rest of the world what we can do and should have been doing years ago!!
Being privileged enough to go to the first day of dressage, I was overwhelmed by Carl's amazing fluidity and correctness of his test. He rode so accurately but without any loss of expression in the work. The horse stayed soft and relaxed with the nose in front of the vertical throughout. What a difference in comparison to some of the other riders on more extravagant horses but whos seemed to be in a constant battle to get through to the end of the test!


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Today the weather and flags led to a less than enjoyable ride out around the village this morning. Sunny thought the puddles were more frightening than the flags other than the massive union jack fluttering above his head!
Early time for his 4 year old class at Hunters on Tues best start giving him his calmer now!
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